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12 March 2016 @ 06:40 pm
2 things my mom complemented me on  
1. Cooking rice. Which is the Chinese equivalent of American mac and cheese. Geez mom, thanks nothing about me as a person or my personal accomplishments in life. I have 2 college degrees, painted murals, nursed red tails hawks back to life, taught natural science to 6th graders, worked as a ranger in the west. She has never been able to admit any of my successes...oh, but cooking rice! It is of course her way of saying I can't do anything good except for...

2. Taking good care of her. Apparently she bragged to her relatives that I was taking good care of her. So I'm pretty sure she hasn't told them I've ditched her since 2009. Or she probably has and conveniently blamed my sister for my defection.